Located in San Lorenzo in the heart of the Modena countryside, the Zucchi Wine Company draws its origins from a strong and rooted peasant culture. This means an important link with the past: the activity in fact dates back to the 1950s when Zucchi Bruno started working and turning the grapes of his own vineyard located in the prestigious area of ​​Lambrusco di Sorbara doc. This passion is then passed on to his son Davide and his wife Maura who, by renovating the cellar with the best technologies and transforming the vineyards, obtain optimal results on the product appreciated by a vast network of both Italian and foreign customers. Since 2010, the Company can also count on its youngest daughter Silvia, a graduate in Oenology at the ancient and renowned School of Oenology of Conegliano, whose passion and perseverance have brought her to the knowledge of various realities of Italian and European wineries, maturing in thus a vast experience on the ways of processing and production of wines. The attention to detail in every single operation has led the Zucchi farm to achieve a high quality standard in the Italian and foreign wine scene. In 2011 we decided to invest in the production of photovoltaic renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to a minimum.

We have been producers for three generations, we pass all the experience by combining tradition and innovation in full respect of the land and the vines. To obtain the best organoleptic characteristics we try to apply manual processing techniques that respect the identity of each single vine, starting from pruning to harvest. Our wines must tell the story of our land.


It is at the end of the 1950s that Bruno Zucchi together with his wife Maria Alma plant their first vineyards on land parcels left in dowry to Maria Alma.

In 1958 Bruno and Alma began to produce the first Lambrusco wines marketed under our name “ZUCCHI”.

Thus was born Lambrusco Zucchi.


His son Davide and his wife Maura take the reins of the company in the 1970s.

Over the years Davide and Maura invest a lot in the activity of the company to try to get better and better quality wines.

Thanks to the hard work of Maura and Davide in these years our vineyards are widely developed and the cellar equipped with the most modern equipment; thus coming to take care of all the different production phases.


In 2010, after completing her studies at the prestigious enological school of Conegliano, Silvia, the youngest daughter of Davide and Maura, decided to devote herself full time to the family business.

His passion and perseverance have led to the knowledge of the various realities of Italian and European wineries, thus maturing a rich and varied experience on the increasingly advanced ways of working and producing wines.

Silvia intends to promote the production of organic / biological and ecological wine. In our company, the use of pesticides and herbicides is prohibited, while the use of solar energy is now a relevant reality.

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